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“The story of wine in my life is one of those threads, looping around and back again,” Pratt says. “My parents gave me a strong foundation in wine and food—Dad taught me so much about wine, and Mom was a fantastic cook and foodie. And they were very close friends with Julia and Paul Child. When I was sharing a meal at their home, Paul would take me to his wine cellar to select a wine. While we sipped it, we’d discuss how to see, smell, taste and experience the wine.”

In the ‘80s and ‘90s Pratt immersed herself in the California wine and food world. Through Julia Child, Pratt became involved in the American Institute of Wine and Food (AIWF), founded in 1981 by Child, Robert Mondavi and Richard Graff. The AIWF is one of the few national organizations with the unique combination of dedicated wine and food enthusiasts and professionals.

“Wine is one of the agreeable and essential ingredients of life.”

– Julia Child

One thing led to another, and through AIWF Pratt connected with Richard Graff, owner of the Chalone Wine Group. Eventually, Pratt worked for Graff in Sonoma at his Carmenet Winery, part of his Chalone Wine Group portfolio.

“Everywhere I turned I found opportunities,” Pratt recalls. “Selling organic wines in the Bay Area. Working for an importer of French organic wines. Working with The Organic Wine Co. (Founded by Veronique Raskin). Getting involved with the Organic Grapes into Wine Alliance (OGWA), which was establishing sustainable/organic categories in the U.S. for certifying wines and winemaking practices. Rubbing shoulders with creative chefs, winemakers, and industry entrepreneurs while working at BAYFOOD magazine in Berkeley, a startup foodie/wine magazine. And working with organizers at the “Tasting of Summer Produce,” the prototype for Farmers Markets in California, as well as at wine/food conferences.


Then came an artistic life in glass art, photography, and co-authoring “France is a Feast: The photographic Journey of Paul and Julia Child”.

These threads, which at the time may have seemed unrelated, had an underlying interconnectedness with what I create today. They gave me the entrepreneurial knowledge and skills to take the next step: Katnip Wines.

– Katie Pratt

Founder & Owner

Where to find Katnip Rosé in your area? Katnip Rosé is currently selling at these locations as well as through direct-to-consumer purchasing in California.





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